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Beginnings being delicate things

I’m starting a novel. Rather, I started a novel—more than one—years ago and the ideas that languished are quickening again. Anyone who creates knows inspiration can be fickle and must be wooed through the demonstration of applied intent (as the surprisingly lucid advice from Britney Spears goes: “You better Work Bitch“).

Whatever inchoate force drives these things feels like it might achieve escape velocity this time. But that’s just the optimism speaking. On the flip side of optimism lie the questions: where do I start? Do I take a top-down approach where I get a Big Idea and outline it from start to fin? Or a bottom-up approach in which I enter the novel through a character’s voice and hope it leads somewhere compelling? Or do I adopt a quantum-field approach in which…oh hell I don’t even know what that would look like. But maybe you do?